The EYBA invites its members to participate in the role of mentee in the Mentoring Program within the joint initiative of EYBA and European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL).

The Mentoring Program proposes to strengthen communication between generations of senior lawyers and young lawyers, guide young lawyers from different countries in their career path and personal development, and contribute for the implementation of the best standards in the exercise of the profession of lawyer.

The Mentoring Program is contemplated to be resilient and flexible in adjusting to the availability and needs of the participants. It is envisaged as a process to give both sides positive experiences and benefits, expand professional networks, opportunities to improve personal skills, get better self-awareness about possessed expertise and setting professional career goals.

While senior lawyers and young lawyers will be free to set their own goals and activities, organizers recommend that monthly meetings / conversations between mentor and mentee are organized and topics of interest are discussed. The general meetings of all mentors and mentees will be held at the launch and the end of the Mentoring Program.

The tentative period for organizing the Mentoring Program is between February – September 2023.

If you are interested please send the information indicated here

Mentoring Program – EYBA

by 27 January 2023 to

We encourage you to participate as a mentee and be actively involved to shape your career path!

If you have question please send us an e-mail to