The EYBA Summer conference 2022 was supposed to take place in Kyiv but due to the tragic ongoing conflict in Ukraine we were forced to find another hosting city: Strasbourg.

“This city which, more than any other one, was the victim of the European nations’ stupidity which thought to solve their problems with the war, now has to embody the symbol of reconciliation and peace”. This is what Ernest Bevin (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, UK) said about Strasbourg in 1949.

And so it was in Strasbourg, in 1949, where the Council of Europe was established to encourage cooperation between European countries, in order to better respect democracy and to defend human rights; and in 1959 where the European Court of Human Rights was established.

No other place would have been more appropriate to host our Summer Conference during these hard times.

Download the full programme here

_EYBA summer conference Programme (5)

The Conference is organised together with the Fédération Nationale des Unions de Jeunes Avocats (FNUJA).