Dear Members,

We hope you are keeping well in these unusual times.

Further to our previous communication below on foot of the AGM of 26th September 2020, we wish to update you on the filling of the vacant positions of Treasurer and Executive Officer on the Executive Committee.

In accordance with the co-option process set out in the EYBA’s Articles of Association, the following applications were received by the Executive Committee:

(i)              Vladimir PALAMARCIUC of the Moldovan Young Lawyers Association for the position of Treasurer; and

(ii)             Sergey BARBASHIN of the Ukrainian Young Lawyers Association for the position of Executive Officer.

We wish to inform you that the two applications above have been approved by the Executive Committee and Vladimir Palamarciuc has been co-opted onto the Executive Committee as Treasurer while Sergey Barbashin has been co-opted as an Executive Officer.

The composition of the Executive Committee is now as follows:

– Ayla IRIDAG (Scotland) as Executive Officer

– Nikoline KROGH (Denmark) as Executive Officer

– Sergey BARBASHIN (Ukraine) as Executive Officer

– Vladimir PALAMARCIUC (Moldova) as Treasurer

– Owen WILLIAMSON (Northern Ireland) as Secretary

– Giulia GUAGLIARDI (Italy) as Vice President

– Guillaume TATOUEIX (France) as Immediate Past President

– Joyce HERRENT (Belgium) as President

The committee remains at your disposal.

Kind Regards.

The Executive Committee