Once upon a time in Chisinau…a French guest…

Once upon a time…a new Spring conference, but this time in a country far far away from my home.

Several months of preparation with the young Moldavian lawyers led us here, in Chisinau. Expectations are high. Thrilled to show the best of their beautiful city, they charmed every participant over the course of three packed days.

An opening conference with, on the same panel, delegates of the EU and US and with original and interesting topics such as financial infrastructure, Money Laundering, data protection, and wine.

The Moldavian lawyers led by Vadim, Olga and Vladimir did such an amazing job!  

And the wine sector is such a passionate and delicious topic…

Passionate with the quality of lectures by outstanding speakers and delicious with one of the largest cave of the world: Cricova!

The EYBA members will never forget this visit with “wine car races”, cinema museum and wine tasting… all inside this unique underground Cricova complex.

I have to confess, as a Frenchman, I am quite critical with wine. This being said, I am pleased to highly recommend the Vin Virgin Cricova wine!

An EYBA conference is not complete without a Black Tie gala Dinner, and Chisinau delivered with its own unique interpretation. With a singer, a DJ and above all traditional Moldavian dances, all participants had a truly unforgettable final evening.

Most had their flight the next morning(!), but as I was around for a bit longer, I was lucky to  go for an excellent traditional dinner on the Sunday evening with Aliona and Vladimir, the past president of the young Moldovan Bar.

I absolutely enjoyed the Mamaliga & Sarmale if I remember correctly the names of these dishes!

Finally, after a short sightseeing tour of CHISINAU, I took a plane for a long trip back home, keeping forever in my memory this extraordinary event.

Guillaume Tatoueix,

President of European Young Bar Association

Once upon a time in Chisinau…a Moldovan host…

More than seven years now, a young team of Moldovan lawyers said “…let’s create an association”, the one that will make the voice of youth to be heard within the Bar, improve professional ethics and trainings and bridge the professional network across the continent(s).

EYBA Spring Conference 2019 – comes for the first time in Chisinau – Yes … !

But … what to do and how to match the set standard for such an event ? No worries – Guillaume, Nonna, Simon and Joyce are there to guide you.  

In a few months of preparation Chisinau is ready to embrace the international guests and show the best part of the country. In reality, the path was much longer, probably since 2015, through friendly collaboration with EYBA team led by Max, Daniela, Nonna and Guillaume.

It’s not just an ordinary conference, it is an exemplary ice-brake for the entire legal profession – bringing home the networking, professional discussions and cultural immerse with more than 16 represented states from across the Europe and USA.  

Our association’s FB Page shows highest people impact since its creation.  

…such events are very important, … continue organizing them… we should support the young generation of this country ” – this is what officials from delegations said us after opening remarks in the first day of the Conference.

It’s a lot to share about organizing challenges, but all of them just vanish when you see happy faces of the guests dancing the enchanting beats of Moldova hora at Gala Dinner.

I will not reveal who said it, but here is secret confession from a guest “…it’s an excellent and, probably, the best conference I attended ever …”.  

Dear friends, you’ve been those who made it possible and thank you for bridging the path of lawyers from our emerging economy to the larger family of legal professionals in Europe !  

Special highlights for the eagerness of the Moldovan team to contribute in spearheading the unique European experience at home – Olga, Vadim, Marina, Dorin, Marina, Aliona, Nicolae and Alexei.    

Vladimir Palamarciuc, Past-President and Board Member

Moldovan Bar Young Lawyers Association